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Privacy Policy

Protection of personal data and information.

  1. Introduction

Personal Data is subject to strict protection and regulation by virtue of the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999, on the 13th of December, of the Protection of Personal Data (Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, hereafter “LOPD”) by Royal Decree 1720/2007, on the 21st of December, by which the Regulations of the development of the LOPD are approved, as well as all other dispositions with cited regulations. Therefore, the LOPD compels the INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE COACH ASSOCIATION, hereafter IECA, and all its employees and/or coaches with access to personal data to protect the information held within their systems and the systems of IECA’s clients.

IECA can guarantee compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, on the 13th of December, of the Protection of Personal Data. This law has the purpose of guaranteeing and protecting all that concerns the processing of personal data, public freedom and the fundamental rights of the natural person, especially their honour and personal and family privacy. It ultimately attempts to protect the fundamental rights of the individual and, in particular, those considered in article 18 of the Spanish Constitution.

For informative purposes, any data, any numeric, alphabetic, graphic, photographic and/or acoustic information or any other kind of information concerning identified or identifiable natural persons is considered “Personal Data”.

  1. Modifications to the Privacy Policy

IECA reserves the right to modify its privacy policy at any given time, with the purpose of adapting it to legislative novelties which might happen and to fulfil them accordingly. In this sense, it is necessary to indicate that the users of the site will be duly informed about the changes that are passed in the policy with enough anticipation to the time when such changes will take place.

  1. Collection, purpose and processing

In accordance to the current regulations regarding Data Protection (Organic Law 15/1999 on personal Data Protection, or “Protección de Datos de carácter personal”), we inform you that our website includes links to e-mail accounts which you can use to contact our company.

Their use assumes that you are giving IECA, with corporate address at: C/VELAZQUEZ Nº 35 3DCHA, 28001 (MADRID), Spain, your explicit consent to treat your personal data with the following purposes:

  • Informing about what the association is, their commitments and activities.
  • Informing about contacts and establishing links to redirect queries to each of the associates’ profiles in their respective websites, this information being voluntary and optional for the associate.

We will occasionally ask for your consent to process, use or show your information for any purpose that is not listed above.

IECA will not use your personal data for any purpose incompatible with those stated in this clause or those stated at the footer of any form displayed in our site.

Particularly, IECA informs the users of our website that their personal data will only be obtained and processed as long as it is adequate, pertinent and not excessive in relation to the context and purposes expressed, explicitly and legitimately for the purposes for which they have been obtained. This data will be cancelled once they have stopped being necessary or relevant to their purpose, or when requested by the owner in exercise of their cancelation rights.

IECA informs users that certain personal data is compulsory in order to complete the form, while other data will be optional for the user to supply. It is also necessary to indicate that the data supplied in these forms must be true and that their processing, be it automated or manual, is essential for the fulfilment of the purposes detailed above.

If you send us your curriculum so that we can include you in the selection processes that we carry out, you authorise us to relinquish your entire personal file to those organisations which hire our selection program management services.

The user can guarantee that the data supplied is true, exact, complete and up to date, and is responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused as a consequence of the user’s unfulfilled obligation, should such eventuality take place. In case the supplied data belongs to a third party, the user guarantees that they have informed such third party about the contents of this Policy and has gained their authorisation to relay their information to IECA for the aforementioned purposes.

The user will be the only responsible party in case that false, imprecise, incomplete or out-of-date data is included in the forms.

  1. Security measures

IECA, with the objective of effectively applying their Data Protection Policy, has adopted the technical and organisational security measures which are required by the current law in the subject of the protection of personal data (RD 1720/2007 Regulations for the development of the Organic Law 15/1999, on the 13th of December, of personal data protection). As such, all the required measures and mechanisms have been set in place in order to prevent the alteration, loss, bad handling, treatment and unauthorised access or theft of such data taking into account current technology. Nevertheless, you must take into account that Internet security measures, due to their global nature and character, are not impregnable.

  1. User rights

The Organic Law 15/1999, on the 13th of December, on Personal Data Protection (ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal) concedes to those interested the possibility to enforce a series of rights which allow them to guarantee and protect in a real manner their right to honour and personal and family privacy.

In order to achieve this objective, the users of the Site are legitimised to enforce the rights to access, rectification, cancelation and opposition anticipated in the legal regulations on the subject of personal data protection.

The enforcement of these rights consists in sending a written and signed request to the postal address which appears in the beginning of this legal notice or to the e-mail address: oficinavirtual@ieca-coaching.com along with the following information: name and surnames of the user, address for notification purposes, ID photocopy and a petition where the request is stated.

  1. Use of cookies

Access to this website may require the use of technical or navigational cookies. Cookies are small amounts of data which are stored in the browser utilised by each user so that the server can remember certain information which will be subsequently read only by the server which implemented it originally. Navigational or technical cookies are generally used to offer a personalised navigation experience adapted to your needs and to optimise the site’s performance, and have a limited time duration. In no case will they be used for personal or third party advertising purposes. None of this site’s cookies allow for contact to be made with the user’s phone number, e-mail address or any other mode of contact. None of this site’s cookies can extract information from the user’s hard drive or steal personal information. Those users who do not desire to use cookies or wish to be informed of their use can configure their browser accordingly. When navigating and using our site you indicate your consent to the use of the previously announced cookies, within the conditions of the present Privacy Policy.

Cookies used in the site

Strictly necessary cookies allow you to browse through the site and to use its basic functions. These Cookies do not collect any type of information about your browser which might be used for marketing purposes or to remember which websites you have visited.

You will be able to navigate uninterrupted since our sites will remember, among other things, the language and country selected, and will save your authentication data in the domain’s safe zones.

Strictly necessary Cookies will not be used, in any case, to:

  • Gather information which might be used to show you personalised advertisements of our products or services.

It is compulsory to accept these Cookies in order to visit our website, so if you decide to delete these Cookies from your device we cannot guarantee that the website will function properly during your visit.

How can you configure or disable these cookies?

You can restrict, block or delete cookies from this website at any moment by modifying your browser’s configuration. It is possible that you may experience trouble accessing some services if you restrict the installation of cookies in your browser, resulting in a less satisfactory experience of the website.

The following links contain information on how to configure or deactivate cookies in each browser:

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  • Chrome for Android

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This Privacy Policy encompasses this Site and all other referenced sites in this Privacy Policy.



The Portal is property of and administered by INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE COACH ASSOTIATION, hereafter IECA, who’s data, in compliance to the obligations defined in article 10 of the Law 34/2002, on the 11th of July, of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (Servicios de la Sociedad de la Infomación y Comercio Electrónico, hereafter “LSSI”), are the following:


Corporate address: C/VELAZQUEZ Nº 35 3DCHA 28001 (MADRID)

Registered in the National Registry of Associations (Registro Nacional de Asociaciones): Group: I/ Section: 1/ National Number: 595124.

Tax Identification Number (Código de Identificación Fiscal): G85917953

E-mail address: oficinavirtual@ieca-coaching.com


The present General Terms and Conditions regulate the use of the Internet site “www.ieca-coaching.com” (hereafter the “Site”) which IECA makes available to you as a user.

  1. The User

The use of this website attributes to you the condition of User and expresses your open compliance of each and every one of the General Terms and Conditions published by IECA at the time at which you access the Site, without prejudice of acceptance of the particular conditions which may apply to your case. In case the User does not understand and/or accept all or part of the Terms and Conditions, the User must cease use of this Site. Portal. The use of this website for unauthorised purposes is prohibited, immediately enabling IECA to deny access and use of the Site, at any given time and without previous notice, to those users which renege on these general conditions and/or particular conditions which in your case may apply.

  1. Modifications

IECA reserves the right to modify, unilaterally, at any given time and without previous notice, the present conditions. In these cases, the modifications will be published and announced ahead of time as the situation allows. In the same way, IECA reserves the right to modify, unilaterally, at any given time and without previous notice, the presentation (including the “look-and-feel”), configuration and localisation of the site, as well as its content.

In your own interest, each time you access the Portal, the User must check the version of the Terms and Conditions published (each version will be identified with a number in the header of the document) and, in this case, read in detail the changes which have been introduced with regard to the previous version known to the User.

  1. Information provided through the Portal, Access and use of the site

Through this Portal, IECA provides information about the business and its services. All data contained in the Portal is provided to the User only for informative purposes and in no case must they be considered a binding offer from IECA for the realisation of any service.

Access and use of the Site is free of charge to users and does not generally demand previous registration of the user. Notwithstanding, the access and use of certain information and services offered within the site can only be accessed by the user with previous registration.

IECA reserves the right to restrict, cancel, prohibit or end at any point in time the connection and/or usage of all or part of the Portal, to certain or all users, without previous notice being required from IECA. Particularly, but without limitation, IECA can temporarily cancel the services and contents of the Portal to carry out maintenance operations, improvements, or repairs on the aforementioned services and contents.

The User acknowledges these facts and consequently renounces any claim against IECA for damage caused to their person as a result of the previous motives.

Those Users who wish to establish a hyperlink, connection or link between their site and this Site (hereafter the “Link”) must gain authorisation from IECA by presenting a request to the following e-mail address: Info@create-rh.com.

All third-party connections to this site must be made directly to its main page. The User will answer to IECA, or third parties, for any damage caused as a consequence of non-compliance with the previously stated obligations.

  1. Usage restrictions

When you access our site you are authorised to visualize all of its public contents. Therefore, the User commits to not make use of any of the information or data, of any nature or format, and/or any of the services that may be offered in the Portal at any given time (the “Contents”) in the following manner:

  1. you are not authorised to reproduce or copy, distribute, modify, relinquish or communicate publicly the information contained in this Site, unless you have explicit authorisation from the owner of the pertinent rights or it is legally authorised.
  2. you are not authorised to use the information contained in this Site with the purpose of direct sale or any other commercial purpose, send unsolicited messages directed to a plurality of people regardless of their final purpose, or engage in any other commercial activities with this information.
  3. you are not authorised to delete, evade, manipulate copyright and other data which identifies IECA’s or other incorporated holder’s rights, nor technical protection artefacts, digital fingerprints or any other protection mechanism.
  4. you are not authorised to deconstruct, decompile or invert the databases in which this Site’s data is stored.
  5. you are not authorised to practice spam messaging by using, or as a consequence of using, the Site or its information and services with commercial purposes of any nature, to a plurality of people without their previous request or consent, or any other kind of unsolicited message to a plurality of people, nor are you authorised to send unsolicited chain e-mails, nor to use the distribution lists to which you have access to via the Site.
  6. You are not allowed to carry out activities which might be considered unlawful, illegal, immoral, or contrary to public order. The following activities are included as not allowed, in a non-exhaustive manner:

(a) Sending offensive, insulting or threatening communications;
(b) Unlawful access to third party computer systems;
(c) Diffusion of informatics viruses or software designed to cause damage to data or computer systems or to violate the privacy of any third party, or to illicitly circumvent or surpass security and/or protection systems;
(d) Access and/or diffusion of child pornography;
(e) Justification or apology for terrorism;
(f) Access and/or diffusion of content of racist or xenophobic nature.

  1. you will not use the Contents or services included in the Portal to carry out activities which might cause damage to IECA’s image.
  1. Industrial and Intellectual Property rights. Ownership of the contents.

The creations and works offered in the Portal (among them, but not limited to, texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, websites, links, audio and audio-visual content, its graphic design and source code as well as brands, domain names and other distinctive characteristics and, in general, any type of work, creation or expression or combination thereof included in the Portal or used to identify it or parts of it)(hereafter the “Protected Elements”) are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights of which IECA is owner and which are reserved to said business to exercise in any way, especially the rights to duplication, distribution, public communication and transformation. IECA does not partially or totally relinquish, nor does it authorise or give any license on the rights to intellectual and industrial property, or of any other kind, of the Site, to the User.

Likewise, IECA can guarantee that the contents, including intellectual property contents, are not of illicit nature nor do they violate the standing law. Therefore, the contents of this Site will not in any way be of xenophobic, pornographic, discriminatory, racist or violent nature. Also, IECA will take whatever legal action it considers appropriate to prevent any type of unlawful or immoral conduct.

Through the present Terms and Conditions, IECA only authorises the User to view, download, and print the Protected Elements owned by IECA as long as the User utilises them exclusively for personal use and commits to not use them in any commercial manner nor for any purpose that is not explicitly stated in these Terms and Conditions.
The User’s utilisation of the Protected Elements owned by third parties (including, but not limited to, brands or elements distinctive of the third party) will be subject to those conditions which, in their case, the aforementioned third parties are able to call upon and which the User is obliged to be familiar with.

Any infraction of the stated in this section will be considered as a violation of the intellectual property rights owned by IECA, leading to the stated legal responsibilities and such action being prosecutable and subject to the civil or penal administrative actions that are in their case applicable.

  1. Lawfulness and Correction of the Contents included in the Portal

Despite IECA doing their best effort to ensure the Contents in the Portal are correct and up to date, IECA does not guarantee nor takes responsibility for any inaccuracy and/or lack of correctness and/or failure to update such contents.

IECA’s responsibility with respect to the contents and information offered in other Internet sites with hyperlinks of contents within the Portal, as well as any Contents of, or originating from, third parties which may be hosted in the Portal, will be dictated by the stated in articles 16 and 17 of the Law of Services of the Information Society (Sociedad de la Información), Law 34/2002.

IECA does not take responsibility or guarantee that the access to the Contents and other parts of the Portal is legal outside of Spain. Access to the Portal from a country other than Spain will have to be carried out in accordance to the laws applicable within the territory from which the User gains access to the Portal.

  1. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibilities

Regarding the exclusion of guarantees and responsibilities, IECA will not answer for:

  1. IECA will only answer for its own services and contents directly originated from it and identified with its Copyright as IECA’s brand or intellectual or industrial property.
    1. IECA will not answer for:

I.- Damage of any nature which might have been caused by the products or services offered or carried out by third parties or entities via the Site, particularly:

  1. violation of the Law, the morals and good habits, public order or the use of products and/or services offered in a non-diligent or incorrect manner, or with illicit effects or purposes or contrary to that established in these general conditions or in the conditions applicable to their respective case.
  2. violation of the intellectual and industrial property rights.
  3. violation of professional secret.
  4. violation of the rights to honour, personal and family privacy, personal image, as well as any child protection rights and laws.
  5. carrying out disloyal competence acts.
  6. carrying out illicit advertisement or acts of unlawful or pornographic nature.
  7. unlawfulness or lack of veracity, accuracy, trustworthiness, relevance, current nature and exhaustively of the contents and information conveyed or made available to the users, including the information and services carried out by third parties or by users through the Site.
  8. the partial or total unfulfilment or termination for any reason of the contracts made with third parties with regard to the services offered or carried out via the Site.
  9. the incapacitation of a user or the theft of identity of a third carried out by the User.

II.- IECA is not responsible in case the information included within the Portal, by any user, causes offence or insult to others, damages their right to honour or privacy or causes them harm in any other way, given that in accordance to the previously stated Terms and Conditions, the users of the Portal are obliged to not introduce information that might be considered illegal, immoral or contrary to public order.

III.- IECA is not responsible for any damage derived from the knowledge which non-authorised thirds may gain of any type, condition, characteristic or circumstance on the access and use which the users make of the Web and the information and services within, nor does it take responsibility for the unfulfilment by the users of their obligations regarding privacy and personal data.

IV.-IECA is not responsible for damage of any nature derived from the existence of errors in the access or use of the Site, nor errors derived from the access or use of its services or contents, despite committing to prevent, update and repair these errors to the best of its ability. This meaning that IECA will not be held responsible for the lack of availability or the continuity of the Site’s functionality and services, as well as connection failures to external or internal sites or to sites from which services are offered.

V.-IECA is not responsible for damage of any nature which might derive from the information contained within the Site, to which this Site might contain hypertext links. The purpose of these links which are displayed in the Site is purely informative, IECA not being responsible in any case of the result you might expect by accessing the aforementioned links. Therefore, IECA will not answer for:

  • availability, accessibility and functionality or continuity of the linked sites.
  • the quality, lawfulness, reliability, utility, truthfulness, validity, exhaustiveness and/or authenticity of the content within the linked sites.
  • maintenance, provision or transmission of the content within the linked sites.

VI.-IECA is not responsible for damage of any nature caused by the existence of informatics viruses within the system, electronic documents or user files. In the same way, IECA is not responsible for the presence of computer viruses in third party sites accessible via the Site, which might alter the system, electronic documents or user files.

VII.-IECA is not responsible, under any circumstance, including negligence, of the loss of business, loss of use, loss of benefits, loss of data, for any indirect, secondary special or consequent damage which results from accessing or usage of the Users of the Site.

VIII.- The User exempts IECA from all responsibility which might arise as a consequence from the violation of any of the present Terms and Conditions, especially but not limited to, the Limitations of Use of the Portal.

  1. Applicable Law and jurisdiction

The provision of the Site service and the present General Conditions of Use of the Site are governed by the Spanish law. In such measure as the law will allow, both parties, explicitly relinquishing any other regional code of laws which might apply to them, agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Court of the capital city of Madrid.